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Blackburn Atom SL 3.0
- Digital extended range wireless transmitter - Super thin and lightweight - Current, average and max speed w/pace arrow - Trip distance/odometer - Ride timer, 12/24 hr clock, auto scan - Bar or stem Mounting
Blackburn Atom SL 4.0
- Rear wheel digital wireless speed sensor, trainer-compatible - Giant, 18mm-tall display - Comprehensive ride data: - Current, average and max speed with pace arrow, mph or km/h - Trip distance/odometer - Ride timer, 12/24hr clock, auto scan - Super compact size, 56mm L x 40mm W x 15.2mm H - 43g - Mounts to handlebar or stem - Available in 2 colors: black, white
Blackburn Delphi 5.0
Paint a clear picture of your workouts with Blackburn's Delphi 5.0 cyclo-computer. The easy-to-read Speed Display has 4 lines of data on each display. And the 2-bike setting enables you to log rides on your road and mountain bike on the same computer. Plus you'll find a 20-lap chronograph and a heart-rate monitor with 3 training zones for reaching all your riding goals. Get the most out of your training with Blackburn's Delphi 5.0 cyclo-computer.
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