Custom Customer Bikes

Here are some of the many custom builds we have done for our customers. Stop by and let us build your dream machine!

Ciocc Bikes Custom Spokes Bike Builds Specialized, Amira Limited Edition, Amira Lululemon, Specialized Amira at Spokes Spokes Pinarello Dogma Campagnolo Super Record

Chuck's Squatch w/ 11x1 SRAM X0 & XT brakes
Jimmy's X-Night
Mike's Shiv Pro DI2 w/ Zipp 808's
Mike's Pinarello Dogma with Easton wheels
Maureen's SWorks Shiv Duraace 9070 with Zipp 606 wheels
Marty's Stumpjumper Evo with XT brake upgrade and Roval Wheel upgrade
Mark's Shiv with Zipp 808 wheels
Kyle's SWorks Roubaix with Quarq and Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLE's
Kyle's Epic Carbon w/ XT Brake upgrade
George's SWorks Venge DI2 w/ Zipp 404 wheels
Mike's SWorks Shiv DI2 9070 w/ Zipp 808's
Jorge's Pinarello Dogma DI2 w/ Zipp 404's
John's SWorks Venge w/ Easton wheels
Jim's SWorks Shiv with Zipp 808's
Jennifer's Giant Anthem 29er
Ivan's Pinarello FPDue w/ Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLE wheel's
Ian's Shiv Pro with mavic cosmic carbon 80 wheels
Franks Custom Casati 53x11 w/ Campagnolo Super Record and Zipp 808's
Fidel's Dogma DI2 w/ Mavic Cosmic Carbon wheels
Matt's Sworks Epic SRAM XX1 and Enve wheels
Dave's Stumpjumper Evo Carbon
Craig's Sworks Shiv DI2 w/ Zipp 404's
Brian's Pinarello FPQuattro DI2 w Mavic cosmic carbon SLE's
Bob's Shiv Pro with Zipp 606 wheels
Bill's Ciocc Rydon DI2 with Zipp 808's
Alex's Dogma DI2 Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLR's
Albiero's SWORKS Tarmac DuraAce 9070 Zipp 404's
Mo's Giant Trance Advanced SX 27.5 w/ Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLE wheel upgrade
Phil's SWorks Venge DI2 w/ Zipp 404 wheels
Rusty's Pinarello FPQuattro DI2 w/ Zipp 808 wheels
Sujey's Pinarello Dogma DI2 Movistar w/ custom Zipp 404's
SWorks Roubaix w/ Durace and Mavic Ksyrium wheels
Todd's Pinarello Paris w/ DuraAce, Quarq, and Mavic Cosmic Carbon SLE's
Todd's Epic Carbon w/ XT brake upgrade & Mavic Crossmax SRL wheels
Tom's SWorks Tarmac Duraace 9000 w/ Cosmic Carbon SLR's
Greg's Dogma Di2
Art's Specialized Tarmac
Yvonne's Dogma 65.1 with Ultegra Di2!
Custom Dogma
Basil's S-Works Venge
John Wayne's Venge Dura-Ace
Ken Osmun's S-Works Tarmac SL3 DA, Contador
Erin's Tarmac Pro w/7900, Zipp 404s
Brian Kubinski's Transition, Zipp Disc and HED 3
Larry Pollock's S-Works DA w/ Zipp 404's
Evan Bull's S-Works Tarmac DA
Tina Dreiske's S-Works Amira DA
Basil's S-Works Tarmac SL3 DA w/Zipp 404
Bike Friday New World Tourist
Baltazar's Tarmac SL3
George's Tarmac Pro DA
Henry's S-Works Roubaix SL2 DA w/ Zipp 303's
Henry's S-Works Roubaix SL2 Chorus
Tamer's Roubaix Pro DA
Dom's Dogma 303's DuraAce 7900
Joel's SWorks Tarmac SL3 Red Zipp 404 Firecrest set. Sick light
Joel with his beautiful daughter and his beautiful Tarmac
Henry's Sky Dogma
Paul's Transition Pro Zipp 808/404 Firecrest wheels
Taylors Dogma 7900 Mavic SLR wheelset
Raouf's Dogma Super Record Bora's
SL3 da7900 RSYS premium
James' Pinarello Dogma, Super Record, Fulcrum Racing 0's
Jim's Merckx MX-5 Super Record, Mavic Wheelset
Mehul's Prince DI2 w/ 404's in Cyac
Paula's SW Ruby DA7900 w/ RSYS
TCR Advanced SL2, DI2, Cosmic Carbon SLR's
Prince SuperRecord SLR's
Jimmy's Guerciotti Khaybar HT Custom Side View
Jimmy's Guerciotti Khaybar HT Custom Super Record SLR's
Larry's Custom Colnago C50
Custom painted crankset for C50
John's Tcr advanced SL2 Super Record
Pinarello Prince
Alex's Prince
Jon's Pinarello FP5 w/ duraace 7900
Mitch's Sw Roubaix Super Record
SWorks Carbon Hardtail
Pete's TCR Advanced SL2 Zipp 404 & Sram Red Group
Pete's Barmac w/ decal
Nancy's Sworks Era
Ron's Roubaix SL2 404's W/ Super Record
Ron's Roubaix SL2
Eric's SWorks Saxo bike w/ Red
Eric's Sworks Saxo team bike
Michael's SWorks Saxo DA 7900 w/ 404's
Nancy W/ Prince Super Record SLR's
Raouf's Tcr DI2
Raouf's S-Works Tarmac SL2
Greg's TCR Advanced SL2
Mark's Pinarello Prince of Spain
Roark Mach 2